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Durablack Plates

Durablack is a multi-layer aluminum plate designed for durability and legibility under the worst conditions. The bottom layer is an adhesive followed by a layer of anodized aluminum acting as a substrate for the patented laser-imaged layer. The matte black finish is non-reflective for easy readability under all conditions. Durablack is available on 0.005” or 0.020” thick aluminum. Marking can be done with any CO2 laser resulting in a durable, precise image suitable for barcodes or text.


Durablack was designed in response to findings that laser markings on black anodized aluminum can fade after long exposure to outdoor environments. Rigorous testing simulating outdoor, marine, corrosive and high-heat situations has proven Durablack superior to black anodized aluminum and acrylic tape in its resistance to harsh conditions. Results confirm its ability to withstand sun damage, extreme temperature, abrasion and exposure to chemicals including salt. This ability to resist a wide range of conditions conforms to governmental and military standards and makes Durablack suitable for labeling equipment used in combat and other harsh environments.

Governmental and industrial standards met by Durablack include MIL-STD130N, MIL-STD-15024F Type L and A-A-50271. It conforms to military Item UID criteria for bar codes.

Since the imaging is etched into the material of the plate, maximum durability is achieved upon marking. There is no need for a second protective coat. In situations where large numbers of plates are imaged, this represents a significant savings of time, labor and materials.

Marking can be done quickly on-site, so vehicles and equipment do not need to be returned to a shop for labeling.

Durablack can be used on curved or flat surfaces. Attachment can be with adhesive, rivets or screws. It is available in pre-cut blanks for easy application.


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