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Asset Plates

Identify your manufactured items, machinery, panels and more easily with Equipment Nameplates. Perfect for use as inventory tags or name and address identification plates

• Choose any color for your OEM nameplate.
• Anodized aluminum equipment nameplates feature laser engraved, permanent marking.

Adhere aluminum asset labels to your office equipment, computers, inventory, furniture, tools, containers, and anything you might need to track on a long-term basis or store in harsh conditions. Aluminum labels and plates deter theft and help you access your valuables, and are available in numbered and unnumbered varieties with a diverse array of options for mounting and sorting.

You may add serialization in both numbers or barcodes.

Your asset labels can be personalised with your name, logo and sequential numbering/barcode and then applied to your property, equipment or fixed assets. This gives a perminent visual marking that shows the items belong to you!
It is good practice to keep a register of all your assets in case of theft of fire – and some insurance companies will require proof before settling claims. In addition by asset labeling all your valuable equipment you can also discourage ‘asset misappropriation’, theft and fraud.